Why Granite Hills?

My wife and I had a desire to build our own house around 1997, but we lacked a space to do it. After acquiring 5 acres in beautiful North Idaho we started building our strawbale house with our 2 young children. And, really, we haven’t stopped working on it since.
Years of research went into our house. During my research I became keenly aware of the interaction between home and home owner, and this is one reason we chose to build with straw. I suppose this is also what brought me to the home inspection industry. Homes are obviously a place we spend a lot of time, but before my research I really didn’t give much thought on how much a home can affect our well-being, mentally and physically. I now love investigating each and every home to understand it’s beginnings and it’s life. I desire to offer you the best of my abilities. Working in the construction industry has given me the knowledge of the nuts and bolts of how houses should and should not be put together. My education with the leading ASHI school has equipped me with a clear understanding of my role and responsibility as your home inspector. Home ownership is a huge investment. You will spend money and time on your home, and I want you to go into your new investment with open eyes and the correct mind set.